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Having been to Spain three three times so far, I finally know - Spain is my favourite country I've travelled to so far, regarding views, architecture, people, the language, weather, lifestyle, street art. The third visit in this beautiful and culturally rich country made me fall in love in Spain totally.

When it comes to Alicante, I hadn't heard much about this city before my visit, so I hadn't known what I should expect. I used to think that if a place is not popular it may be not so interesting... How wrong was I! But I wanted to take advantage of the last two weeks of September and relax a bit in the sun with my family. All I wanted was a beach, sea and the sun, so I didn't expect Alicante to fascinate me with the quaint city and monuments.

But to my surprise, it turned out that Alicante is a very culturally rich city, with a beautiful architecture, cute colourful streets, an impressive castle, various street art, happy citizens and so stunning beaches with breathtaking views of mountains.

Our location: Doctor Sapena (street), the apartment booked on - I recommend!
                       15 min by walk to the beach
                        5 min by walk to the nearest bus stop
                        5 min by walk to the castle
                        15 min by walk to the Old Town
                        around 20 minutes to the airport by a taxi or a bus
                       around 30 min by bus the beach "San Juan"
                        10 min by walk to the shopping centre

We arrived around 2 pm and we had to take the bus and find our apartment. Unfortunately nobody knew where the street "Doctor Sapena" was. But the funniest thing was, that we were only 5 minutes road from our apartment! So it had taken us around 40 min before we found the right street (with the help of a certain nice Spanish guy). So my tip number 1 is to make sure where exactly your apartment is located or just take a taxi.. but that might a bit more expensive (but not so much)

As far as I remember, our bus ticket from the airport cost around 4 euro. So the total cost for three people amounted to around 12-13 euros, whereas the taxi from the airport to Doctor Sapena costs around 17-18 euros. 

As I mentioned above, we lived on the  "Doctor Sapena" street, which is for me a great location that I would love to recommend you. It is just next to the Archeology Museum of Alicante (we had a view from our living room of this museum, it was on the another side of the street just beside of our apartment house, very nice building by the way). And just next to that museum and our apartment house was the little park where people came with their families and children (oh, how I love this atmosphere!). But the best thing was, that our apartment was located just next to the most popular landmark of the city - the castle "Castillo de Santa Barbara" - what a lovely place! The road up the hill towards the castle (because it is located guite high, you'll see the picture) takes about 20 minutes  of walk and you are at the top of the hill (or mountain, call it how you wanna;)), and on the way you can admire breathtaking views for the city but the BEST views you will find on the top of the hill, when you reach the castle... here some of them.... Love it!

Visit Playa del Postiquet and probably one of the most colourful streets in Alicante - just in front of the beach Postiquet

If you land in Alicante, like us, in the afternoon, it's good to see the nearest surroundings - the beach "Playa del Postiquet", which is the nearest to Doctor Sapena and very beautiful, as well. Along the beach stretches a wide promenade that leads to the port and the Old Town. Opposite to the Playa del Postiquet you will find the cutest colourful street I've ever seen, that view will always remind me about Spain. Here some coooloourful snaps:

And here you've got the view of the Playa del Postiquet

More of Playa del Postiquet:

Go to the  "Castillo de Santa Barbara" and see the sunset

The best time to visit Castillo de Santa Barbara is a late afternoon - to see the stunning view of the sunset over the city! 

Visit Playa de San Juan

Probably the most beautiful and large beach in Alicante, with a beautiful view of mountains. As I wrote, if you're located in the castle area, you can take the bus and in 30 min you can reach this beach.

Go for a trip to Elche by train

You can get to the train station in Alicante in 15 min (starting from the bus station MARQ CASTILLO), and then take a train to Elche, which is only30 min road from Alicante. Ok, but what is Elche famous for? The main attraction in Elche (or Elx - the another name of the town) is Huerto del Cura - a National Artistic Garden, the part of the Palm Grove of Elche - the largest concentration of palm trees in Europe and is the UNESCO World Heritage. Some of palms in Huerto del Cura are more than 160 years old. When you're in Alicante, you simply must visit Elche, it's only 20km from Alicante.

Explore the city

The city of Alicante has so much to offer, especially in its old part.
Make sure you visit "Santa Cruz" - a beautiful quarter of the old part of the city (located just next to the castle), you will be impressed by its beautiful colourful architecture and lively atmosphere. 

         Alicante City Hall

 The next worth seeing place is Plaza de Toros, where corrida takes place. First of all, I must say that I'm strongly against corrida and any kind of such entertainment that involves killing or hurting animals or humans. But I must also admit that I respect other cultures and everybody knows that corrida has always been one of the most popular part of Spanish traditions and culture - that's why I think it's a worthseeing place.

Admire a wide range of street art

Just next to the castle you will find lots of buildings that were painted by some talented people. These colourful buildings are generally scattered throughout the city.

Walk through "Calle de Las Setas" - the street full of cute mushrooms and snails!

One of the cutest street I've ever seen, decorated with colourful mushrooms and snails ;) Not only children but also adults will enjoy this place, for sure!

Have you ever been to Alicante?

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