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When we travel a lot, it often happens that certain things in a different country can surprise us. Usually these are things that we did not notice in our country, that are something new for us, or even strange (sometimes!) or things that we did not expect to experience in certain place. To be honest, Malta surprised me in some ways and I'd love to share it with you... Although some of them are not positive, I still do love Malta.

So what has surprised me in Malta??

1. Churches
Believe it or not, the thing that captured my attention first (when walking to my friend's apartment) was an impressive, large building that looked nothing like a traditional church that I saw in my country and other European countries... But as it turned out, it was a church! Moreover, the catholic one! When travelling by bus on Malta, I saw the similar one. Isn't it a surprising thing for you??

2. Public transport
Although Malta is a very small island, travelling by public transport (I mean buses, obviously) takes a lot of time (what was really surprising for me!) and costs (in my opinion) quite a lot (for a one-way ticket you will pay 2 euros). But the excessively long travel time is not the only disadvantage. Sometimes buses just don't stop on the bus stop, although people wave to the driver to make him stop the bus... I had such a situation when two buses just passed me and other people waiting for it... And not because it was filled with people but because about 200 meters from this bus stop was an another bus stop, where that bus had already stopped... (I assume that drivers were too lazy to stop 200 meters further... but what is that bus stop for, then???)   So we had to go to the another bus stop and then we could catch the bus.

3. Drinking alcohol in public places is legal
I got used to the fact that in my country we can't just walk in the city with a bottle of beer because drinking alcohol in public places in Poland is banned, so that's why I was quite amazed when it turned out that in a blisteringly hot temperature we could refresh ourselves with a bottle of cold beer, without having a stop inside the bar, but just walking with the beer in hand!

4. Dirty dancefloors in clubs
Before flying to Malta I was told by my friend (who visited Malta previously) that clubs in Malta are rather dirty and dance floors are covered with butts, plastic cups and sometimes broken glass.. So the last night of my stay I decided to go to the club to check it and see it for myself. Yeah, my friend was right. People smoking while dancing and butts all over the dance floor (how can they dance on such a dirty dancefloor??), and plastic cups, as well. It really surprised me that the one of the most popular touristic destinations such as Malta, known also for parties till dawn, allows people for such behaviour like smoking inside the club while dancing (!) and littering the dancefloor with butts and plastic cubs. I've never seen something like that in Poland.

5. The names of flats and houses
It was the cutest thing that surprised me in Malta! Almost all houses and blocks of flats are not marked with numbers (what is the most common way) but with their own names and titles, which sometimes are really creative, funny and sweet! For example you can find there houses/blocks of flats called like: Hollywood, Los Angeles, Red Rose, Morning Dawn etc. ;)

Here you have the house called "Sunflower" (on the left side):

Your turn!
Do you find these 5 things surprising?
What is the most surprising thing that you experienced/saw when travelling???
Write in comments below.

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