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Having a  quite big experience in learning languages (I've been learning English since I was in kindergarten and now I've been studying English and German at the university to become a translator), I know a lot of websites (which can be at the same time your mobile apps) that are really useful and handy when learning foreign languages and I thought it would be nice to recommend them here.

1. is a free web page which we can use either on computers or as a mobile app . It enables us to learn twelve foreign languages, including even Japanese or Turkish. The big advantage of the website is a very transparent and readable layout, which makes learning more enjoyable experience. Another big plus is a wide range of interesting and motivating ways for learning: we gather points for doing exercises and other activities (quite motivating), we can chat with native speakers, and have our exercises checked by natives, too. And probably many more, what I haven't checked yet;) I would definitely recommend it especially for beginners. Of course we also can buy a premium account what gives us more exercises on the website.


If you haven't heard about it yet, I would be surprised :) That website aims not only at learning languages but actually everything what you want to learn by heart (!) - definitions, notions and obviously - foreign words and phrases! In such cases comes forward. On this website you're fully responsible for what you learn - you decide and choose the language of translated words (and then the alphabet of that language is available), create your word list (which may be edited at any time) and then you can learn your words/phrases or whatever using flashcards (you can even add photos associated with the word to remember it better!!), many kinds of tests (where you can choose the language you want to translate into) and even games. You can use that on your computer or as a mobile app. I used that many times when studying for my English/German exams, when I was supposed to learn hundreds of new words by heart and I must say that I learnt it quite guickly in that way. 


As I am a big fan of learning languages by singing songs, I must write about that website. First of all, we choose the song (with the video clip). We can find there a lot of popular songs that are already on radio (!) Next we choose the level of difficulty. Then we can start our game! Our task is to fill in  the blanks while listening to the song (and watching the video as well). The more difficult level we choose, the more blanks we have to fill in. To sum up, that is a pleasant way for learning English.


A very rich source of materials to learn English (probably only British English) from the "lower intermediate" level to "towards-advanced" level. The big plus is that you can learn English pronunciation, listening, reading using authentic resources made by native speakers. I find it very useful to download podcasts from the website (not only in the tab "learning English" but also on the main page BBC.COM) on many subjects, such as travel, art, politics, health and many many more.


A very useful English collocation dictionary which shows us, which verbs, nouns, adjectives etc. collocate with certain words. You can find there not only collocations, but also some phrases and proverbs that exist with these words. I would highly recommend that website especially for people from intermediate to advanced level because the website is only in English. But people on advanced level sometimes may feel a bit disappointed because the page lacks in certain collocations (which is a pity cause with such a good and transparent layout and design it could be an excellent collocation dictionary, if only it extended its list of collocations).

Obviously there are many more websites that may be helpful but these are websites that I use or used when learning foreign languages and found it very useful and interesting, that I even decided to share it ;) Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Not only is quizlet useful to learn new languages, it's useful when memorizing names as well! I always write their name and on the other side, I write when and where I met them and a short description when I meet people while traveling haha

    love from grace ♥ imaqination