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2 years ago I even didn't know that this small beautiful island country exists... and that it is in Europe! Until 2 years ago my friend told me that she was going to visit her sister in Malta to work there during holidays. She flew to Malta for 3 months and it turned out that she met there the love of her life! Ever since they're a couple and my friend visits Malta as often as she can to meet her fiancé because he works there. This holidays she's also there, that's why my another friend and I decided to visit her on this beautiful island;) Unfortunately we couldn't stay there more than 4 days. In addition, we had a 4-hour-long delay, so we lost almost the whole day of our stay... But at least we made a use of our whole 3 days in Malta. 

So what we visited/did during our whole 3 days in Malta? (and what I recommend you to do...)

We stayed in our friend's apartment in Bugibba - known as the one of the most touristic and popular cities in Malta, and I really recommend you to choose Buggiba as your base because it's located near to many popular and beautiful spots of the country.

Day 1 - Comino Island - Blue Lagoon & Santa Maria

In the port in Bugibba (located near to the Main Square) we took a cruise to the highlight of Malta - Blue Lagoon. It's a place that looks like a paradise..That colour of water beats all shades of blue that I saw in my life. Sooo insane.
If you haven't checked a map yet, you might not know that Malta is an archipelago and consists of three main islands, which are Malta (the main and biggest), Gozo and Comino, and three smaller islands (and probably many micro islands, according to Wikipedia). Blue Lagoon is located on Comino Island, which is just next to Gozo. That's why you have to take a cruise to get there.

The cost of the cruise to Blue Lagoon (with "Triton Cruises" in the port in Bugibba) is 17 euros per person, including the lunch served by the crew, beverages (also those alcoholic) and 1,5 hour stop on Santa Maria Bay (also on Comino Island, very beautiful, too). I think you may find there other cruises to these places, for sure.

It's recommended to go to the port in the morning ( we went there at 10 am) because our cruise startet at 11 am. There is possibility to go to Gozo island the same day, too, but I would not recommend that, because Gozo is a big island and it's a lot to see, so it's better to go there another day. 

The ship stopped in the port of Gozo first (watch out and don't get out of the ship if you haven't planned to visit Gozo - we almost did it, haha), and then we cruised to Santa Maria Bay (what was around midday). Then, there was a lunch served to all people (included in the price). Not bad , I would say - it was a pasta with tomatoe sauce and we could choose vegetables, some ham and bread.

Santa Maria Bay is also a very beautiful place with the blue-sky water, but I wish we could spend more time in the Blue Lagoon, instead of having a stop there. But at least I saw more of Malta!

Santa Maria Bay:

Next stop - finally Blue Lagoon ! It's a true paradise - I will never forget this place, and I'll come back there, for sure. Crucial tip: After taking photos at the beginning of your stop (which is the obvious thing in such a unrealistic place) it's recommended to go and leave your stuff in lockers, which are available up the rocks. In Blue Lagoon there's no typical sand beach, there is only a short part of the land covered with sun loungers (obviously paid), and don't be surprised - there are plenty of people, especially in the afternoon. That's why it's a bit risky to leave your stuff somewhere on the rocks (because yeah, in the Blue Lagoon ther are mainly rocks, most people are obviously in the crystal water). Leave your stuff in lockers and go to enjoy swimming in probably one of the most blue water in the world!

Blue Lagoon:

Unfortunately, we had only 2 hours stop in this place, next time I will go there for the whole day. We cruised back from Comino island around 4 pm and were back to Bugibba around 5 pm. On the way we cruised next to some caves and rocks, which was also nice.

Day 2 - the capital city - Valetta

If you're in Malta you simply must visit its quaint capital with a long history - Valetta. In my opinion, the city is a combination of a european style with some more exotic, ancient and arabic - something that I had never seen before. The characteristics of Valetta are narrow streets and colourful windows shutters, which contrast with the dominant colour of the city, which is a colour of sand (no wonder - buildings were made of sand and stone, by Phoenicians). Valetta is located by the sea, so make sure you see the view of the city by the sea in Valetta Waterfront, where Upper Barracca Gardens is located  - in this place there is a big observation deck with the view for Saluting Battery - every day at midday there is a show of gunshots fired from cannons. It's good to start sightseeing from Valetta City Gate (this is next t the bus stop) and then it's advisable to turn right towards Upper Barracca Gardens, to see gunshots (but you must be there before midday to see it).

Day 3 - Popeye Village

The last day of our stay my friend didn't feel well, so I had to travel on my own - for the first time I travelled alone being abroad! I was thinking what to see - Gozo (where we can get only by ship, the main attraction is Azure Window) or Popeye Village, where we can get from Bugibba by bus. I chose Popeye Village because it was not so far away and when seeing this quaint town in pictures I simply fell in love with that and knew I can take there plenty of interesting photos. What is Popeye Village? According to "Popeye Village Malta has grown from its days as a Film Set of the 1980 Musical Production 'Popeye' into one of the major tourist attractions on the Maltese Islands filled with a number of colorful fun activities for all young and young at heart."  A few times during the day we can watch shows presenting "the modern story of Popeye" made in English. I must say it was cool! We can also take a photo with Popeye, obviously :)
 To get to Popeye Village I took a bus from Bugibba (there is a bus station where you can find buses to Valetta and many other places) to Ghadira, where I had to change a bus, so I had a 30 minutes stop and took a bus to Popeye Village. The bus stops just in front of the entrance to Popeye Village. The ticket to Popeye Village for students (you have to show your student card) costs 14 euros and it's for a whole day. I recommend you to go there in the morning to have the whole day (it's open to 7 pm, I guess) because there are plenty things to do, including taking the cruise by the cute boat, sunbathing on sun longuers and swimming in the sea just next to the village. The only drawback I noticed is the lack of lockers.


Popeye Village:

What to do in the evenings? Around the Main Square in Bugibba there are plenty of restaurants and bars opened to late hours. I recommend you Fat Harris Pub just by the Square. When it comes to clubs, Paceville is a city known as the most party city in Malta.

If you're staying in Malta more than 4 days make sure you visit Gozo (another island) and Mdina (the former capital of Malta with medieval architecture).

To see more photos, follow my instagram @themomentforphotos

What are your favourite places in Malta?

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