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One of the most stunning places I've ever visited - Mallorca!

This post will not be a typical (as for me) "photo" post but I'll try to add more posts with more photos later.

But why I flew there in April (3-7 April, to be exact)? Because it was out of season, so it was a real bargain.  I found that offer in winter on the website that deals with cheap flights and stays (there are many of them e.g.,but I used a Polish one). Such offers on such websites present exact dates when you can fly somewhere for not much money and they suggest you hotels where you can stay in that time for not much money as well. This way of planning a trip is much easier than looking for a cheap flight and a cheap stay separately, as long as you're lucky enough to find the right offer. The weather in Mallorca in April is perfect for trips and exploring the island, which you may find difficult during the summer season, when temperatures are really high (above 30 degrees). That's why I think it is a very good idea to go there in April/May. In another post I will give you an insight into how much money I spent on this trip (concerning everything, including hotel, flight etc.). But for sure you will be surprised:)


A few hours of flight and we were on this beautiful island! It was the second time I flew the plane and the first time when I arranged everything (flight/hotel/car rental) on my own without the help of a travel agency - so I felt a little bit stressful and excited at the same time. The airport in the capital of Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca impressed me a lot, it's very modern and huge. Following the signs, we finally found taxi and headed for our hotel. We booked a hotel only 10-15min road by car from the airport, and I would recommend such a location. We booked a low-budget "Salpi Hotel" in El Arenal - considered as the most touristic region in Mallorca. We checked in in the late evening (11 pm!) on Sunday and went quickly to bed, cause we knew we don't have many days to explore this place.


I couldn't believe that this was happening, but yeah, we finally were on this beautiful island and it was the high time to explore it! Obviously we immediately headed for the beach, to see something what we can't see often - the sea:) For the first time, I saw such light blue water...  Here some photos from our beach (ours means the nearest to our hotel - it was 5 minutes of walk:)) and a bit of neighbourhood:

After our first "photo shoot" we strolled to the left towards the port which seemed to be really impressive. And of course it was, especially for my dad ;) Anyway, that's another worth seeing spot in the neighbourhood of Salpi Hotel.

Next to the port you will find another beach - which is completely different from the one next to our hotel. And that's one of the characteristics of Mallorca - the impressive variety of beaches!

We kept walking further (still to the left from the port) wishing we would discover other beaches, and we were right. To see another beach we had to went up and walk on the pavement along really beautiful houses (By the way my dream is a house by the sea!).

And we found several ideal photo spots!
The first one we noticed when we walked above the cliff... There were stairs leading to the perfect observation spot.

  After the next lovely photo shoot we walked further to the left. We found more spectacular views.. this time from a height...

It was the 8th of April and it was about 22 degrees!(as you can see I had a T-shirt). The weather in this part of season is perfect for trips, exploring and discovering the island WHICH YOU BASICALLY HAVE TO DO THERE because the island is sooo diversed that lying all day on the beach would be wasting your time:) At least if you stay here as we - 4 nights.

The next goal for our first day in Mallorca? Obviously - the capital city - Palma De Mallorca! Fortunately there are many bus stops in El Arenal, so that you can go there by bus and it takes about 20 min (and in that time you can simply sit and observe everything from the window.. I love it:)) You get out of the bus in the city centre - just next to the impressive Cathedral -the landmark of Palma de Mallorca. There will be another post about this beautiful city but now let me show you a few photos. Make sure you visit Palma when you're in El Arenal - it's a beautiful city full of magnificent architecture, the sea, palms and... many many more.

After getting out of the bus you can see most important things just by walking in few hours (including, in my case, taking a break for shooting:)). We saw everything what is important but  unfortunately we could not find the main square (mainly because we were not enough prepared - just take a map and I'm sure you'll handle that:)) But as I saw photos of the main square, I'm sure it's worth seeing as well.


Another day - it's time to explore the other part of the island. But firstly we had to rent a car and we used services of ANSAB car rental company (which I would recommend, it's near to Salpi Hotel). So we headed for Cala Pi - one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca.


And this is a lovely gorge on the other side of the beach...

Next stop: the beach Es Trenc, which is a couple minutes of a drive from Cala Pi.


We strolled along the whole Es Trenc beach and we reached some beautiful cliffs and a photo spot at the same time, from where we could admire another beach ..

 After that long stroll we had to... stroll again to come back to our car !:) But this time we went through the dune a bit further from the sea.
 Next we drove by car to the little town next to Es Trenc - Sa Rapita. There we did some shopping in the most popular supermarket EROSKI. We took some photos and came back to the hotel.


Well... what can I say. My hero - my dad travelled the one of the most dangerous routes in the world by rental car (the car of not so good quality).. The route to Sa Calobra leads through the mountains, so be ready for height, steep slopes without any walls protecting from the fall from the height... but the topic of Sa Calobra is a story for another post (which for sure will be published). Now the only thing I'd like to say is that YOU MUST VISIT SA CALOBRA if you're in Mallorca... but go their by ship, not by car (I will explain why in another post):) Sa Calobra is a Unesco World Heritage site. In my opinion this is a real gem of Mallorca.

(Well, the best insight into how it looks like you'll get by googling it...  and you'll se more photos. Trust me.)

The main characterisic of Sa Calobra are two huge rocks and the beach between them. It looks insane.

On the other side we have equally amazing gorge - Torrent de Pareis.

Well... when we thank God travelled most of the return route (we were driving back the same route!) we stopped in the wonderful observation spot with a beautiful view on the quaint town Soller (where  Fryderic Chopin was living for some time) and the sea, obviously.....

And then we had our last stop before we went back to El Arenal. 
If you have ever tried to find the example of the town which is so magical that it seems to be only in fairytales, the town full of vibes, colours, full of live and peace at the same time.. and sounds of children laughing...  I'm 100 percent convinced that Soller is such a town. Simple and diversed at the same time, with its Spanish soul and ... It's hard to say but it was easy to feel in the air that people living there are truly happy. And it was not a holiday season, so we saw mainly locals; children were running with school bags... just a few tourists. Insane.


Our last day in Mallorca turned out to be the hottest... So just after breakfast we checked out, put our luggage into repository (in the hotel - there was no problem with that) and taking the advantage of the fact that we have just 10 min to the airport by taxi - we went basically sunbathing, making the use of the last 3 hours of our stay:) Last photos, last sighs toward the sea and towards the sun... Memories that nobody can take away from us.

Of course when travelling to Mallorca make sure that you go for an evening walk... The promenade along the sea is so well-kept and beautiful and even in the beginning of April there are quite a lot of people. We went strolling along the beach every evening, it's good to see that all from a different perspective:)

Have you ever been to Mallorca? What spots would you recommend to visit there?

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