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Well, I've recently realised that I've never written about my stay in a Greek mountain village - Panteleimonas (next to Leptokarya). Perhaps I know what was the reason why I didn't write... it's because it was not one of the best places I've visited so far.. and not one of the best travels I had :) And I'm going to tell you why..

In August a few years ago my friends and me decided to go to the summer camp organised by the local travel agency.. Because we were 17 at that time, we thought that was probably the last chance to spend holiday in a summer camp because later we would be simply.. too old and we knew that the next holidays we would organise on our own (in Poland people become adults when they turn 18). 

As 17-year-old girls on holidays, we wanted fun, parties, people at our age around us, etc..
But this place is not exactly for people who want that:) First of all, this is a village, so there was no clubs (I remember only one little party on the beach, but we didn't attend then). There was few shops and bars (but I was there a few years ago, so who knows.. maybe something has changed?). After the summer camp in Spain we had high expectations, which Panteleimonos unfortunately did not fulfil. Being there around the week or more, we simply started to get bored.

Secondly, probably I didn't enjoy that travel much because we stayed in a really poor hotel with a horrible food!!! It was also not close to the beach... about twelve minutes way on foot. Moreover, our supervisors were too restrictive (even for 17-year-olds!) and really bad at organising our time:) In addition, the overall cost of that trip was quite high... Undoubtebly, we've overpayed.

Because of that all I have mixed feelings, but when I look at it in retrospect I WILL NEVER REGRET IT because I was there with great people and we had soooo much fun :) I experienced there some of the most funniest situations in my life! Being there we also had two trips: to Meteora and Athens. So, but for this travel, I wouldn't have visited these places, too. And obviously, this journey also taught me to do a good research about the place you head for.

It does not mean that this place is a wrong choice for everybody. Cause I know there are people who would really appreaciate the lack of discos and laud music on the street:)

Of course the main attraction is sunbathing on the beach and swimming in Aegean Sea.
As you can see on the photo, there is the Castle on the hill. You can stroll towards this hill - you will find a great photo location - there are many cliffs and you can go upward the hill to take wonderful photos from height. After the photo shoot you can obviously go to see the Castle:)
Here some photos you can take at the foot of the hill with the castle:
Because of mountainous/upland terrain, fans of walking and trekking may find some activities for themselves:)

Other things you can do during your stay:
Go for a long stroll along the sea to the nearby town Leptokarya (about one hour of walk on foot) or just go by car (20 min of road)
Other directions: the Meteora - one of the most stunning places I've ever been, your must see when being in Greece! It's about 2 hours of road by car. Read more here: the Meteora, Greece
Thessaloniki - the second largest city in Greece, 1 hour 20 min road by car.
Athens - the capital city, about 4 hours of road. Read more here: Athens, Greece

Some photos of the village:



  • -clean warm blue water (it was July, it was hot:))
  • -nice stony beaches
  • -the place to do some sightseeing... the ruins of the Castle of Platamon on the hill at the beach ( I didn't reach the top of the hill, but I was at its foot and the view is nice)
  • -a close location to some more inhabited towns, like Leptokarya for instance (20min road by car)

  • -not many attracions, especially for young people (I mean no clubs, or other places where you can have fun), also forget about museums, monuments and this kind of stuff.. again, it's a village!
  • -when I visited the village, I didn't find it very clean.. but don't know how it is now

I would recommend this place for:

  • -people who like "off the beaten track places"and appreciate peace and calm,
  • -people who are not willing to go to parties,
  • -people who don't like "hustle and bustle"

I wouldn't recommend it for:

  • -people who want to party
  • -people who want to do a lot of sightseeing 
  • -people who just like crowded places

Have you recently been to Panteleimonas? Is it still a calm village?

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