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Oh Turkey, how I love you! The country full of colours, vibes, sun, and gorgeous views!

Holidays in Turkey - the best holidays in my life so far!
It's high time to show you my Turkey Photo Story. Here you can find most of my favourite travel snaps presenting a bit of life, culture, and favourite moments I experienced in this beautiful country!

2012, the first flight in my life... let's start the adventure!
And what about a nap here... ? haha

The view from the balcony that I'll never forget!

The castle in Alanya. See more in the post about sightseeing the castle in Alanya here: The Castle in Alanya

Now my favourite part of my stay. A two day trip to The Göreme National Park which is added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, located in Capadocia - a historical region in Turkey.
The most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life. More photos of the trip here.

During our stop to see some underground city, I took some photos of women selling handmade beautiful dolls! We bought one, of course. By the way - it's one of my favourite photos of the trip!

Finally, a gorgeous "fairy tale" city

Yes, we were inside! 
Again, one of my favourite snaps..  Here you can watch my video from this place: https://youtu.be/9f0YVMSTkh4

And the story wouldn't be complete without a famous turkish tea in a specific cute glasses!

Colours of shops are always intriguing for me.
Finally, my favourite beach in Turkey - Cleopatra Beach:

Hope one day I'll create here a Turkey Photo Story Part II .. after the next visit here!

Photos taken by Nikon D5100


  1. I love Cleopatra Beach ! It is rumored to Cleopatra brought that sand from Egypt :)

    Cant wait to seeTurkey Photo Story Part II


  2. Yeah, I agree. Cleopatra beach is the most beautiful beach I've visited so far :)

    I also hope I'll post my Turkey Photo Story one day! Thanks for comment:)