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Photography is one of my biggest passions.I even call my camera Nikon D5100 my little child.. The thing is: wherever I travel, I take hundreds of photos. This is just the way I am - I like nice travel snaps. But who doesn't?

Ok, but what does  "banal travel photos" actually mean? Well, I'm sure all of us at least once have seen some traditional photos from holidays, where each of those presents the person in the same postition, with the same smile, usually at the centre of the photo. Such photos are sometimes (or usually) bad-cropped and have some additional flaws, e.g. they can be overexposed or too dark.

Of course, you may be satisfied with such photos - that's OK! But be aware that we can create something less trite :)

This post was written to inspire you to take more creative and interesting travel photos that draw our attention for more than one, two.. or even five seconds :) Sometimes they can also send a certain message, thought or inspire others. The photography is a kind of art - here everything is possible!

So how to take not banal travel photos?

1. Find the best place at the best time

When you travel to beautiful places it is not difficult to find a perfect scenery to take a photo! But we may have some problems with finding "best of the best" place. If you travel to some iconic city, it's good to capture landmarks and highlights, but not in the banal way. So how to do it? Let's look at that photo I took in Prague. It presents the famous landmark of the city - The Charles Bridge. As you can see I didn't show my face, for a change:) We don't have to pose in the same way all the time. I decided to present myself walking through the bridge, what relates to the theme of journey, searching, etc. And I decided to turn my back to make the photo more mysterious, to let the recipients read the message in their own way and finally not to draw people's attention only to my person, but to this picture as a whole because when we look at the camera we kinda draw all of attention to ourselves.


Believe it or not.. During summer, you won't be able to take such a photo, (I mean the photo on the Charles Bridge where the bridge is visible because there are no people), between 9 am and 1 am (and probably late at night during the weekend also!) - because in this time there are soo many people that it is even hard to take a photo with a view against river, standing next to the wall, it is sooo crowded that even the bridge is almost invisible. So I had to wake up at 6 am (with my mum) and take photos on the Charles Bridge around 7 am! Thank God I have such a wonderful mum! 

Another example: The photo of the courtyard of Wawel Castle, Kraków. Fortunately there was almost no people because of a rainy weather, so that it was possible to capture all beauty of the cortyard. Notice that I am not in the center of the photo - in this way I would have covered most of the cortyard and that was not my goal.

To sum up, try not only to find the best location which is iconic for the place where you stay, but find the best time to take photos, when the place is not so crowded. Usually the best time to do it is early in the morning, not only because there are not many people then, but also because the light for photos is the best in the morning or in the evening (so called "the golden hour"). Try to pose in a non-standard way, to make your photo different and unique, and most importantly - not banal. Remember, you don't have to always look at the camera. 

2. Use continuous shooting mode

Another idea for original travel snaps is using continuous shooting mode. Most cameras and even a few phone brands should have that option. I use that in my Nikon D5100. To achieve the best effects you simply have to.. move when taking a photo! You can dance, jump or run, everything! Eventually you can joined your photos in a one, thus achieving a very dynamic and interesting effect. In this photo, taken in Turkey, I just gathered momentum and jumped as high as I could. 

3. Photograph from the perspective

"frog perspective"

While photographing high buildings it may be difficult to capture the whole object. The solution for that is to move away from the object enough to capture it all (but sometimes we don't have enough place to do so!) OR photograph from the frog perspective - then the effect is more dynamic, thus the photo is less banal. To photograph from the frog perspective we have to squat down or almost lay on the floor (!), and sometimes "bend" our body enough to achieve this. But if you ask me - it's totally worth it!

The Cathedral in Prague. We were lucky, because when visiting this place it was raining about an hour, so that all people had gone home, and after rain there was no people, so we could take some good snaps, presenting only the main object and the person

"bird perspective"

Especially in beautiful old towns, like for example in Prague, it's good to find a place where tourists are allowed to go and take some snaps from a height, which are in my opinion soo gorgeous! I took such photos in Prague in the look-out tower on the Town Hall and there was so much to capture!

I also took this opportunity in Wrocław, Poland.

Last but not least, I don't mean that you have to follow all these rules to take good photos (because many other kinds of photos are good, and there are many other rules I didn't mention here) but these snaps can be an inspiration for you to try some new poses and ways to capture your best moments of your journey!

The photos were taken by Nikon D5100

More of my photos you can find on my instagram themomentforphotos 

And what are your ways to avoid banal travel photos?

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