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Being in my favourite place in Poland - Kraków twice for a longer time, I've made a list of several places which deserve your attention because of their good price, tasty food and often also because of their charming and romantic interior!

"Magia" means in Polish magic and that's a good word to describe this place. If you're looking for a calm corner in the heart of the city- you've found it! 
Firstly: the interior impressed me at the first moment. It consists of a few parts, so you have a wide range of places to seat: you can choose for instance a table under the glass ceiling because a part of that bar has just walls and a ceiling made of glass (you'll see on photos) or you can also seat in the fresh air in the historical garden with flowers. We chose comfortable soft couches with a small glass table (a bit like a coffe table) and .. with a cat;) Yep, a REAL CAT;) The kitty was very calm and accompanied us through our all stay. Next to us were cupboards lined with books and cute jars with some herbs/spices. That's all makes a unique magic climat !
Secondly: food is really tasty and cheap, you have a wide choice of food - from cakes till dumplings! As far as I'm concerned I chose a tart with spinach and some kind of cheese and a coffe (cappuccino or latte, don't remember) and I paid less than twenty zloty! And most importantly - I ate my fill !
You will find this next to St. Mary Basilica, just a few metres from the Main Square.
Photos of Cafe Bar Magia:

2. Restaurant on the Wawel 

Got caught in the rain on Wawel, we decided to go to eat .. So we popped into the restaurant located on Wawel, and because of its location it seemed to be extremely expensive.. but IT WAS NOT AT ALL! The plate of dumplings stuffed with cheese costed only 16 zloty, which is a normal price for dumplings. Moreover in the market square I saw prices like 18-20 zloty for a plate of dumplings, so this price really surprised me.

You will find it in this building ( I wish I could eat here in the good wheather when gardens are open! I'd have an amazing view for the cathedral!)


That's a good place if you're hurry and you're quite hungry. This place is located in the cute corner close to the entrance to the Market Square. You can eat here fried pancakes with many kinds of fillings. The price is really affordable. As far as I remember I paid twelve zloty for my pancake.

A very characteristic for Poland, very popular in the interwar and the postwar period - a milk bar is known for serving mainly traditional home-made food in really low prices. I didn't entered here but if you look for something really cheap and a traditional polish cuisine at the same time - it's the right place. But it might be crowded - we passed it on Sunday and people were standing at the door waiting for their turn.. but that means only one - it must be good! It's located just a few metres from the entrance to the Market Square (going from Wawel).

5. Pub "Stajnia"
This restaurant is located in Kazimierz- an old Jewish district of Kraków (bear in mind visiting when being there!). This place stuck in my mind because of the most beautiful restaurant garden I've ever been to (charming especially in the evening when lit!) and tasty food in affordable price (I ate there spaghetti, you can also order things like soups, salads etc.).

6.Green Day
Vegetarians in Kraków shouldn't be dissapointed because just a few metres behind St. Mary Basilica there is a bar for vegetarians "Green Day". They offer a varied menu, food is really tasty and in affordable prices and you don't have to wait much time for your meal. Perfect for a lunch.

Talking about the night life in the another post I mentioned that parties in Kraków are simply the best and most probably.. the cheapest:) I can recommend you a few clubs where I've been:

Club LOKAL It is situated just next to the St. Mary's Church on the Market Square. Two dance rooms available. Great music. When we went there (on Saturday) the entrance was for free till midnight (actually we were 5 minutes after midnight and still we could entered for free:)) and the first drink (I mean vodka + juice) interchangeably with a big beer we could drink for free. Moreover we could purchase every additional alcohol for a half price.
Music Club "ALTERNATYWY" - in the evenings it's open mainly as a music bar but it often organises parties as a club. I really liked it because of its a bit oldschool interior and good price - we stumbled upon the sale and we drank a big beer only for six zloty! It's situated behind the St. Mary Basilica and that's the photo:

Other clubs I can suggest you are: COCO club (where I stumbled across the sale: two drinks (not only vodka+juice but all kinds of drinks:)) for ten zloty(!) and it's situated next to the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre, close to the St. Mary Basilica. ; Afera club - there are quite big dance rooms with good music, it's located around the Market Square.  

And what are your favourite places to eat and drink in Kraków?
And where do you like to party?

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