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About two weeks ago my friend and I went for three day trip to the most beautiful city of Poland - KRAKÓW. It's hard for me to find words to describe my love for this place. I was there also a few years ago on two trips and also during the last summer for four days, so now being there once again I could compare these things which I've already seen. That's amazing how our perception of the world and everything what we can see is changing. That's why I think people sometimes should travel twice to places they really like to see how their point of view has changed and that THAT'S ALL what they've already seen is somehow DIFFERENT. And I have to say that this time I felt Kraków somehow... deeper(?).
Maybe because we used that time properly. Maybe it's just because my friend and I love travelling in a similar way - walking around slowly, taking photos of every beautiful corner (in Cracow every corner is beautiful), making videos, and soaking up the atmosphere of a place. And at the end of the day we love relaxing in a good music club ;) Yes, we are party animals.

So what is so magical about Kraków? What do you have to explore in 3 days?

 The Market Square

I have mentioned in this blog that I find the Old Town in Prague the most beautiful in the world and I still do. But if we are talking about a separated part of it- I mean the Market Square, in this case I definitely adore Kraków. Actually we cannot compare these two cities. Although they both consist of historical buildings, they are different.

In the picture you can see my friend Justyna and me.

So the first thing wich we saw and you should also see during your first day in Kraków is the Market Square (which is much bigger than in Prague!). The main characteristics of this place are: 

St. Mary's Basilica - not only impressive from the outside, but also stunning from the inside.. Make sure you go to see the interior because it has just left me in awe...

Sukiennice - a quite big and charming at the same time building which consists of a long Hall inside of it with many stalls where you can purchase real GEMS (probably I should call this place "the town cloth hall" :)). And I do not mean only a jewellery but all kinds of stuff you can buy as a souvenir. And most importantly this stuff is connected with a beautiful Kraków, mainly with its history and culture. Beautiful cracovian clothes, bags, caskets and many more bring lots of tourists to do some shopping here.. You will be undoubtebly impressed by the charm of that magical hall. 
*but watch out! To be honest it does not pay off to buy here some little souvenirs like postcards, fridge magnets etc. (I'm not sure about bigger ones) because prices are much higher than in other places you can buy it, like Wawel for instance. The same fridge magnet I bought in Sukiennice for six zloty, I could purchase at the Wawel for four zloty.

In front of Sukiennice you will find the monument of Adam Mickiewicz - the most famous Polish poet.

The interior of Sukiennice:

If I were supposed to exhibit colours of Cracow I would do that using these pictures (in the middle you can see beautiful traditional cracovian clothes!)

Fairy-tale carriages as a symbol of Cracow
I find this the most characteristic thing of Kraków ! There's no city you can find so many carriages on the Market Square. With these chaming carriages which look like they came from a fairy-tale with princesses you can tour the Old Town and make unforgettable memories.

Barbakan is a part of fortification of Kraków and it's really worth to see it. You will find it going out from the Old Town following the main way when you passed the Market Square.

Wawel Castle & Cathedral
A historical district of Kraków located on a hill is for me something really special. A lot of space, a beautiful garden at the Castle, a cordyard and the Cathedral make you feel like in a real royal place (and I wish I could live there!). It's another MUST SEE in Cracow and in my opinion - the most beautiful and the most characteristic thing in this city at the same time.

 The view for Wawel from the outside:

The courtyard of Wawel Castle:
If you're in Wawel you just have to see it in person.

Another highlight of Kraków is a former Jewish district. Unfortunately we didn't have much time to see that in details (it was raining;() but that's a good reason to see Kraków again and explore more of Kazimierz!
Skałki Twardowskiego
This is another thing we wanted to see but didn't have time for it. And that's one of reasons why I plan to visit this city in spring. This is a beautiful place called Skałki Twardowskiego (Twardowski's rocks) off the beaten track where you will find a beach and a stunning view for a water and rocky hills. If you stay in Kraków for more than three days that's a good option for spending your time.

 Juliusz Słowacki Theatre
I had to mention that landmark because of its stunning architecture which stole my heart and undoubtebly deserves your attention. It's located in half way from the central station and the Old Town (actually it's located there where the Old Town begins).

Night life
That would be strange if I didn't mention that crucial part of exploring Kraków. Among numerous restaurants, charming cafes and shops you can find there a lot of very good CLUBS. Needless to say, Kraków is known for its unforgettable night life which usually starts here about 11 pm and ends at 6 am at weekends. And don't think that's all has to be expensive being located in the heart of Cracow because in fact it's not:) I think Kraków is a very tourist-friendly city simply because it's cheap. Especially parties (which are the best there, in my opinion). To most of clubs you can enter for free till late hours and drink alcohol for not much money and often for free. I would like to recommend you a club LOKAL where I had one of the best parties in my life. The entrance was for free till midnight (actually we were 5 minutes after midnight and still we could entered for free:)) and the first drink (I mean vodka + juice) interchangeably with a big beer we could drink for free. Moreover we could purchase every additional alcohol for a half price. It is situated just next to the St. Mary's Church on the Market Square. Other clubs I can suggest you are COCO club and Afera. They're all located around the Market Square.

The art of Kraków
This city is the place of many talented artists which share their works of art on streets. And I am definitely into it! 

                                              The photos taken by Nikon D5100.

It's not the end of posts about Kraków. I'm going to create a post telling a "Cracow photo story" where I'll share more of photos I took and didn't upload here.. and obviously a post about FOOD you can eat there in affordable prices :)

And tell me! What is your favourite place in Kraków?

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