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Although my travel to Greece was rather a disappointing travel because of a really bad hotel I stayed in and a not so good location, there was a one day trip we had during our stay I will never forget :) Everything because of monasteries built on unusual rock pillars - The Meteora, included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Needless to say, it looks unbelievably...

It is said that first religious communities started to settle in there at the turn of X and XI centuries. As you may think it was monks who settled there, living initially in caves. With time they started to climb higher and higher and living on inaccessible peaks they built first monasteries. Yeah, now I'm also thinking how they achived it... I've read somewhere that they used ladders and baskets (!) to bring material and people. When I look at these breathtaking photos and try to imagine that whole process of building... it sends shivers down my spine. What brave people. 

You have a possibility to visit some of these monasteries (not sure whether all are available for tourists) and I remember that tourists are led there by stairs. I'm really curious about how old they are. To enter monasteries you'll probably be asked for covering your body, so make sure (especially ladies) to take with you some shawl or scarf to cover your legs before you enter. 
Stairs look like that:

So now the only thing I can do is to share the rest of photos with you! :)

* the dress I'm wearing on photos (or I wore it like a dress but it is more like a longer blouse or overblouse) is from H&M.

In my opinion this place in Greece is undoubtely much more worth visiting than Athens.
Have you ever been to the Meteora?

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