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Food- for many of us it's one of the most important part of our travels. Eating in other country its local cuisine is also for me a very important part of exploring this country. Tasting local food let you feel and understand this place better. Usually wherever you go- local cuisine is different than yours, so why not try it? 

In Czech Republic I had to try its local dish - dumplings (in Czech -  knedlíky) And I have to say- I really liked it ! One thing I didn't like was that it was usually served with pork which I don't eat. But dumplings are definitely worth trying !

Here a photo:

Another thing which you absolutely must try is popular CZECH BEER!

Since I visited Prague I just love Czech beer.

I've tried Pilsner Urquell (in Czech Plzeňský Prazdroj ) which is a bright beer and my favourite Velkopopovický Kozel černý (in Polish: Czarny Kozioł) which is a dark beer (but a bright version is also available) and it's the best beer I've ever tried! (Now in Poland I also buy it:))

Now I'll show you a few photos of typical Czech pubs/bars, which we visited. Unfortunetely I didn't take a photo of the name of these. But in one of them food was really poor ;(

Here some photos:

And of course - popular Czech beer is everywhere:)

And I must recommend you the place where you can drink beer cheaply.
This pub you can find on the way from Charles Bridge to Castle District on the corner.
A small beer costs only 27 CzK !

So the pub is called "U KOCURA"

And it's time to show you the best place where I had dinner.
It's a vegeterian restaurant called Lehka Hlava where prices are really affordable (comparing with rest of places which I visited in Prague prices where the same or even cheaper).
And the most important - everything is fresh and delicious! Undoubtebly I can say that it was the best restaurant I've ever been.
Moreover the interior of Lehka Hlava is one of the most charming and original I've ever seen. Everything is created based on motive of nature which symbolises vegetarianism. Including music in the background :)

So that's the interior:

And I wouldn't be precise if I didn't tell you about what I ate there!
We ate tomatoe cream soup which was really gorgeous! It was easy to feel that it's made of fresh tomatoes, it was even sweet!

The next dish which we ordered was a big plate with pancakes with cheese, warm vegetables, tofu, cheddar cheese and something very new for me: It had a taste of meat, it looked like meat but ... IT WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT MEAT:) I suppose it could be mushrooms or something like that ;) Plus two souses: barbecue and .. some spicy :)
But it was a m a z i n g l y tasty !
It looked like that:

 This restaurant you will find near the Charles Bridge on Borsov St. Street, here the address:

 If you're in Prague you must visit Lehka Hlava !

Passing colourful Prague streets you can see at window displays many delicious things to buy, for example: sweets in many shapes and colours:

And that's all about food I tasted in Prague.
 And what are your favourite places to eat in this city?

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