WARSAW IN 3 DAYS - what to see and where you can eat THE CHEAPEST PANCAKE EVER

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This summer my friend and I visited our friend who lives and studies in Warsaw. Before this visit, I was in Warsaw a few times, including one day school trips (Warsaw is about 2 hours road from my hometown, so many schools send there students for trips) and actually, I wasn't impressed THEN. Now I know why - It's hard for me to be impressed with a city, if I'm on a guide tour! All of these one day school trips looked like that: We were basically running after a guide from one attraction to another, having no time to even take some photos and generally - to soak up the atmosphere of the city. A situation is totally different when you go to this city for a couple of days, alone or with someone, but most importantly - WITHOUT A TOUR GUIDE who only hurries you. And then you have plenty of time to see every corner of this city without any pressure, stress, hurry and so on. You can go wherever you want, eat whatever you want and spend time you want to spend with each of highlights. And then you can entirely feel this city and this atmosphere and finally you may even fall in love with the city which you didn't like before! 

The same was with Warsaw, since the time I went there to visit my friend I've really liked that city,
I still think that Cracow is the most beautiful city in Poland (and I will think) but I do think that Warsaw is also a special and unique place which is a crucial part of Polish history and still is really underrated. During these three days I visited there many interesting places which I'm going to show you now:)


We started obviously with the Old Tow. Even if it's called the Old Town, don't think that all buildings here are old because actually most of it (about 80 - 90 percents) are new - they were rebuilt based on old documents and photos of the city because the Second World War left Warsaw in ruins. Even so, current buildings of the Old Town still impress everybody.

the Market Square

The Royal Castle

In the Old Town we had a wonderful dinner in a good price. We ate in Pizza Hut I guess, and I remember that for a purchase of one big pizza, three desserts and about three litres of beer each of us had to pay less than 30 zloty (three people). So yea, we were full after that.

In the evening we headed for another must see attraction of Warsaw - a beach at the Vistula river and the bridge. In warm evenings there are lots of people hanging out on the sand, drinking beer and admiring a beautifully lit bridge and colourful lights falling on the river. This place is very good developed. There are many bars and even clubs at the beach. During the hot day you can lie on a lawn chair and sip your drink, but after the sunset you can simply go to the party! Undoubtebly that's the perfect place fot spending your evening in Warsaw.

 There is also something for football fans  - the National Stadium - located next to the beach and the bridge.

The next day we visited Łazienki Królewskie (Royal Baths) which is a compound of gardens and palaces which was set up by Stanisław August Poniatowski in 18th century. It's worthy to go there especially in spring or summer because of numerous lawns, trees, flowerbeds which will charm you with their colours !..You can also meet there peacocks, admire some royal architecture and relax at numerous fountains, ponds and the river. Generally there is a lot of nature and I love it!

I think Łazienki Królewskie is the most beautiful place in Warsaw! 

          The monument of Fryderyk Chopin:

 The amphitheatre:

As you can see little inhabitants of the park are really friendly :)

One of parts of Łazienki Królewskie constitutes the Chinese Garden

After an amazing stroll in the dream weather we went to have dinner to my favourite (so far) restaurant in Warsaw where both food & price are amazingly GOOOD!
So the restaurant is called "Manekin" and it serves mainly pancakes of all kinds - both sweet and salt. You can find this place on Marszałkowska street.
The cheapest pancake you can buy there is a pancake with cheese and mushrooms and it costs only 10 zloty! Pancakes are really big - they have a shape of a square which covers a whole plate. They are served with sauces and salads.
But there's something you have to know about this place. If you go there after 3 pm you're most likely to wait in line about 30 minutes to get a table! Yes, this restaurant is such desirable that people are able to wait standing on a pavement in front of the entrance to come in and so am I :) So I suggest you going there no later than 2 pm if you want to get your table immediately. Of course if we're talking about dinner :)

After the dinner we went to Pola Mokotowskie which is another my favourite place in Warsaw. To be honest it reminds me the Central Park in New York. You will find there lots of space to have some rest on green hills at the small lake, among trees and many ponds. There are many benches where you can relax and stare at the water. People go there to rollerblade and cicle or just simply for a walk with a dog or to meet with friends. Basically there is a peaceful and cool atmosphere.

The last day in Warsaw we went to the Museum of Warsaw Uprising (Muzeum  Powstania Warszawskiego). In general I don't like museums but this one is definitely the best museum I've ever been to. It's very modern and it offers a lot of things to do - not only you can read old magazines and posters, admire old documents and old stuff but also watch films in 3D (I recommend a 15 minutes 3D film about Warsaw "the city of ruins") and watch interviews with people who survived the Second World War..and many many more! One tip for you guys: You need a few hours (about five hours) to see the whole museum, so make sure you head for it early enough. I think going there in the morning is the best option. You simply must visit this place if you are curious about the history of Poland!

There's a possibility to go by a lift to the top of the building to see such a view for Warsaw:

Other places which I could see that day and which you also should see being in Warsaw:

the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is situated in front of the Ogród Saski (Saski Garden) where you can have a nice stroll.

Another thing which you must see during your three days in Warsaw is undoubtebly the Palace of Culture and Science

Getting between attractions and underground stations (unfortunetely highlights in Warsaw are scattered around the city) you should see the monument of Mikołaj Kopernik (Mikołaj Kopernik Street) which is surrounded by important buildings of Warsaw.

The photos taken by Nikon D5100

And have you guys ever been to Warsaw?

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