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I visited Spain for the first time when I was fifteen. It was my second travel abroad and actually since then I really knew that I don't want to be confined to stay only in one place in my life. I was there with my friends on a holiday camp. And it was definietely one of the best holidays in my life !

So we stayed for 8 days in Loret de Mar and I can say that that's the great place for tourists, especially for young people.

So why Lloret de Mar should be your holiday destination at least once in your life?

1. Beautiful beaches

Separated from the city with a charming "palm avenue" are obviously main attraction of the city. Beaches in Lloret de Mar delight with their gold soft and clean sand (which was probably brought from some island). We visited probably the most popular beach which is located next to the picturesqe castle. That's the second thing which makes that beach really special because it provides an amazing view. Except this you can admire a wonderful view for some rocky cliffs and rocks in water:) And what I love the most about it is a clean azure warm water !

That's the "palm avenue" between the beach and the city.

2. Some historic places to explore

Another cause to visit Lloret re Mar is that it has something also for those who adore going sightseeing. You can find there a historic cemetery which doesn't look like one of many other cemeteries in the world:) It consists of many gravestones, chapels and tombs which were made by artists and sculptors and that's why it looks really impressive. Take a look at these photos:

As I mentioned there is also a picturesque castle on the beach - an ideal place to do some sightseeing.

You can admire there such views:

3. A perfect place for a stroll - amazing rocks and cliffs

That's a really beautiful place in Lloret de Mar where you can walk around the avenue fringed by palms an admire this great work of nature.

4. A bustling night life

A great information for party animals- in Spain you can have fun till the sunset. I can recommend the club which I visited twice - Colossos mega disco - it's a two-storey club and it's great, especially a foam party !:)

5. Great people

I was wondering if it's because of the weather that people who are there are such easy-going, open-minded and relaxed. I think there's a big association between the weather and people's mood and disposition. Generally people who I met in Spain - doesn't matter where they came from - they were just great- easy-going and funny.

6. A close location to Barcelona !

A big advantage of Lloret de Mar is its location - about 70 km to one of the most popular city in the world - Barcelona! So it's a good reason to take a trip to this beautiful city. I've been to Barcelona only for one day (of course too short time) and we visited three highliths there:

FC Barcelona stadium (which may impress not only football fans:))

The Park Güell (you must see it if you're in Barcelona!)

We visited also Sagrada Familia (which you also must see if you're in Barcelona) and a shopping mal next to sea. 

To sum up, Lloret de Mar is a really attractive place for tourists where you can feel totally relaxed and unwound plus it offers not only cool beaches and sea but many cute corners to explore. Because of this travel I want to see more of Spain in the future and undoubtebly I want to come back to Barcelona. I definitely recommend Lloret de Mar as your holiday destionation!

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