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To be honest- heading to Athens I expected something better. I've been to Greece with friends in highschool times on a camp. But our hotel location was really poor.. we stayed in Panteleimonas and I don't recommend this place definitely, especially for young people (!). We had a one-day trip to Athens during this time.

Athens - as a one of the most important touristic place with antique monuments- was supposed to be very impresive. So why, in my opinion, it wasn't? In retrospect I think there were a few things which caused that. 

Firslty- really bad and annoying guide. When you are in such a place for only one day and you want to see everything (ha, almost impossible) you need a very good guide tour! With these all antique monuments surrounding me I felt a bit overwhelmed not having someone to tell me what that's all is.... Yeah, that's the obligation of a tour guide, who in my case. was really poor. Actually I didn't see her, She disappeared.

So if you guys are going to visit this city for one day, make sure you have a good tour guide, or just do it yourself and be your own tour guides, which is in my opinion always the best option.

Now, what should you  see in Athens?

The first thing which you have to visit in Athens is obviously Akropolis & Parthenon and its surrounding where you can find many antique things to see.

Here some photos of the main attraction of the capital of Greece:

Because Akropolis and Parthenon are located on the hill there are many great viewpoints where you'll find great views for the city.

As you can see this antique architecture loses a bit of its charm because all of these renovations. That's why it didn't impress me as much as I supposed it would.

Constitution Square (Syntagma)

Another thing which is one of the main attractions for tourists in Athens is Constitution Square (Syntagma). You can watch there soldiers at the changing of the guard and even take a photo with the guy on the left :)

So these are two main highlights wich we visited during this one day. Except this we saw a bit of the city centre. We saw something like a big square but there's no compare with Polish or Czech squares which are amazing. That in Athens was for me.. nothing special. It was definietely poor for the capital city of Greece and the centre of antique history. To be honest I prefer my hometown in the east part of Poland which counts about three hundred thousands of citizens- Lublin city.

Here how does it look like:

One thing in Athens which irritated me a lot was a huge amount of homeless dogs. Yeah, in Greece, the same like in Turkey there are no animal shelters, that's why homeless dogs run in the street, which is for me really sad. I love animals and I feel really sorry for those which have no home and have to rely only on themselves. Especially there were many homeless dogs at the entrance to the Akropolis. It was so sad to see these animals lying in the hot temperature. People were giving them water.

Because every city is individual and has its own history, culture and style, it's definitely worthy to see as many cities as we can and judging them we can only base on our individual opinion and feelings.
To sum up Athens didn't impress me as much as it was supposed to do. But maybe it is caused by a wrong guide and a bad-organised trip in general and maybe because we did not see as much as we should. IN GENERAL I don't like guided tours- I need more time to see, to take photos and to feel that place which I sightsee. Every crucial information which I need to know about things and places that I see and visit I can find in the internet - I don't need a guide now. So in your shoes guys I would book a hotel for at least one night to see as much as possible in Athens on your own.

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