MY FOUR HOUR TRIP IN WROCŁAW - What to do, see and EAT in four hours ?

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Coming back from Prague by car to our hometown we decided to visit for a few hours one of the most beautiful cities in Poland- Wrocław. We had only a few hours to do some sightseeing, so obviously we decided to spend this time in the Old Town and the market square. 

So, what you should do, see and EAT during four hours in Wrocław? :)

1. The Market Square

The market square in Wrocław is one of the most picturesque squares I've ever seen in my life. Numerous townhouses in bright vivid colours and diverse shapes make this place one and only. Such colours bring this city to life and give an unrepeatable freshness. Lined with many restaurants, you'll find it hard to miss them! 

 In the centre of the market square there is the old Town Hall, which impresses with its gothic-renaissance style.

 Colours of Wrocław undoubtebly make it hard to put a camera away!

2. The St. Elizabeth's Church and the observation tower

After a stroll around the centre of the market square - the old Town Hall , seeing each of these cute townhouses with 100000 taken snaps of it we went to another famous building of Wrocław - an impressive St. Elizabeth's Church where you can find the observation tower with over 90 metres of height! Basically, you must go to the top of this tower. To be honest, it's not very easy because there is no lift. So you have to put a bit of effort to go 90 metres uphill on spiral staircase (sometimes I felt like on a carousel) and because it's really narrow you have to be careful. But thanks to these i n c r e d i b l e views for the city IT'S ALL WORTH IT IN THE END:) Tickets are cheap - one costs only 5 zloty ! (which is about one euro). 

Here you can see the tower from the ground:

Here is the view for the market square from the observation tower:

3. Little inhabitants 

Next to the St. Elizabeth's Church you will find some famous inhabitants of Wrocław - gnomes! Little sculptures of gnomes are typical for this city and they are scattered throughout the city. But I saw only five or six gnomes but in whole Wrocław there are over three hundred !!! Maybe next time I'll have some time to meet them all :)

3. The best place to eat

There's no doubts that after going to the observation tower you may feel a little exhausted (so we did). And the one think you're thinking about then is obviously food and drink :) So we headed for the market square to look for a restaurant where we could fill our stomachs for not much money:) And we found such a place.

This restaurant which you must visit being in Wrocław is located just next to the Town Hall and is called "Pierogarnia Stary Młyn". It serves mainly delicious polish dumplings with many kinds of filling and dough but you can also order there soups and other dishes. I ordered a tomato cream soup (which costed only 10 zloty!!!) and five traditional russian dumplings (with white cheese inside and onion) and I took a sweet cream to this, for a change (usually it is served with a sour cream). I really recommend this restaurant because food is delicious and fresh and it's really cheap for its quality. Moreover, the service is so kind and polite that make you willing to leave there a big tip. And remember - you basically must try polish dumplings being in Poland!

The interior:

The entrance:

5. Creative corners

Being in Wrocław for four hours, I could see that in Wrocław live very creative people. Heading for the  market square we saw street lamps covered with beautifuly made crochet with diverse colours and patterns. On the one of lamps was a label presenting some information about this initiative. Thanks to this label I found out that it was the first initiative of so called "urban knitting" or "yarn bombing" in Wrocław. It looked amazing!

The photos taken by Nikon D5100.

And how would you guys spend your 4 hours in Wrocław?

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