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I had an occasion to be in Paris only for one day and one night, so I didn’t see everything
what everybody should being in Paris. But it was quite enough to fall in love with this charming city!
Being in Paris allows as to soak up the atmosphere of the real big city. A big number of different cultures, different colours, faces, buildings, shops and sounds. In one corner somebody is making a videoclip, in another the model is being photographed. This everything is something unusual for somebody from a small town.

I definitely have a plan to visit Paris once again because it wasn’t enough to enjoy this city.

So, why do I want to come back to Paris?
1. To enjoy its extraordinary architecture again and this time - slowly, piece after piece :)
To be honest Prague's architecture is still my number one (and probably will be forever) but I really like Paris architecture.

2. To explore Notre-Dame Cathedral once more!

3.To see fountains at the Louvre again.

4. To visit Louvre (not only from outside!)..... because I was not inside.. ( Yeah, I know- to be in Paris and not to be in Louvre .. what a shame.)

5.To see more triumphal arches in Paris! (the first is one at the entrance to the Tuileries Garden next to Louvre and the second one is on Elysian Fields) :

5. To enjoy every step of a stroll through the Tuileries Garden one more time !

6.To make a picnic and drink a champagne on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower ..

... and of course to enjoy an impressive Eiffel Tower again and again ..

7.To go with a lift to the top of the Eiffel Tower. When we were in Paris a lift did not work so we went up the stairs on the  second or the third floor ( I don't remember how high was it) but we could admire such views:

8. And one thing more which I did not do (because of the plan of our trip) and which I MUST do the next time is to see Eiffel Tower from the Trocadéro terrace where you can find an ideal place to take a perfect photo with the whole Eiffel Tower in the background!  Undoubtebly it should be your must-have photo from this city. Almost everyone who's in Paris takes a photo there. Unfortunetely it was not me, what a pity.

So here I'm including the link to see this place I am talking about:

9. And of course I want to come back to Paris to walk around Elysian Fields to feel like a milionare :) Elysian Fields is the most famous street in Paris and is supposed to be the most beautiful as well. You can find them the most expensive shops and restaurants. Hope I will be able to afford something when I'll be there!:)

I'm sure there are much more reasons to come back to Paris but I don't know them yet :)

Have you ever been to Paris? If so, would you like to come back there?

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