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This summer I had an occasion to be in Prague in the hotel called Pension Prague City with my parents and I would like to tell you something about my choice.

Why is it worth to choose a Pension Prague City hotel?

  • a very convenient location- the hotel is about 15 minutes walk from the Old Town so you can forget about buses and undergrounds during your stay:) There is also a central station about 10-15 minutes way from the hotel (we were passing it from the distance on the way to the Old town). You have also a grocery opposite the hotel. Moreover, staying in Prague Pension City you can feel like in the Old Town because buildings in this district just look almost beautiful as those in the Old Town, here you have some photos of the surroundings.

  • a nice price- for this location in my opinion a price is really good, we booked our rooms through and for two double rooms for 3 nights we paid 200 euros. It was the cheapest hotel in the centre of Prague which we found.

  • a car park available- a very important thing for those who drive to Prague by car, so most Polish travelers, as me :)

What are disadvantages of Pension Prague City?

  • a noise from the street in rooms from the side of the street:) My parents had a room on the ground floor from the side of the street and they complained about the noise even when the window was closed- they heard even people walking on the pavement passing the hotel. So, if you decide for Prague Pension city, during booking let the hotel staff know that you want rooms only from the other side of the hotel (not from the side of the street). I had a room not on the side of the street, but on the side of another hotel- and it was a really quiet room (I must admit that I had opened window all of the time). 
  • self-locking doors (!) Curiously enough, there are one self-locking door leading to a little porch which leads to two different rooms, each of them has also self-locking doors :( So it can be really embarassing when you go out to the porch to open someone the main door and then you realise that you left keys in the room and your door has just locked and you stand wearing only pants (trust me, such situations take place!).

Now I'll share some photos of both rooms:

My room:

Parents' room (only the window and the view)

To sum up, I would like to recommend a Pension Prague City Hotel because it's quite cheap and has a convenient location. But the next time if I'm in Prague (and I definietely will), I will choose a hotel in the heart of the Old Town.

And You Guys? Have you ever been in Pension Prague City? What are your experiences?

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