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Firstly I have to say that since I've been to Prague a few days ago I've totally fallen in love with this city and it's now my number one.

I've been there with my parents for three nights and I think it's enough time to see the most important highlights in the city (but not everything!:))

Now I want to introduce you step by step each of highlights you should see being in Prague for three nights!

Day 1
Powder Gate & Municipal House - the Old Town Square - Charles Bridge

We started our trip through the Old Town from the beginning of a former Royal Route - a Powder Gate- which is the entrance to the Old Town-your first must-see highlight in Prague at the beginning of your trip.

Next to the Powder Gate is another amazing landmark of Prague- a Municipal House, which is now a concert venue. Undoubtedly, for its characteristic look with mosaic above the entrance, this is a must-see in Prague.

Opposite the Municipal House is a theater where you can watch a really famous play in Prague - Romeo and Juliet.

Ok, first photos are already taken, we can go further:)

After passing the Gate you go through the cute Old Town street full of shops with souvenirs,etc.

And then you get to The Old Town Square - another highlight in Prague!

There you can admire:
 A very famous Church of Mother of God before Týn:

 The monument of Jan Hus:


 And of course a famous Old Town Hall and Prague astronomical clock:

Another thing you must do there is to go to the look-out tower on the Town Hall. The cost for students is only 70 CZK. And fortunetely - there is a lift :)

There you will find a stunning view for the city, which looks like that:

Now it's time to go further the street from the square (follow information boards) to the symbol of Prague- my lovely Charles Bridge.

Here you can see also the place where couples in love can hang their padlock as a sign of their love.

And our first day ended with visiting Charles Bridge at night.

Day 2
Hradcany - the Castle District

Another highlight which we visited the second day was Hradcany - the Castle District, which is an absolute must-see in Prague.

Because of a location of our hotel we walked the same way from Powder Gate through the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge.

When we got from the Charles Bridge we went uphill a beautiful street with bright colours (again: follow information boards).
Here a photo:

And finally you get to the Castle District which is located obviously on the hill (like most castles in the world).
There you can stop for a while to admire a beautiful view for the city:

After the break it's time to see St. Vitus Cathedral which impressed me a lot.
It is located within the Prague castle and a courtyyard.

Being in the Castle District don't miss:

Golden Lane (in Czech: Zlatá ulička)-a street situated at the Prague Castle where in the past probably  was produced a gold. It consists of many cute colourful houses! Just look at it:

And of course Royal Gardens surrounding the Castle where you can find a wonderful viewpoint overlooking the city.

And here 
ends our day number two because after some photos in Royal Gardens we went down to the town to eat a late dinner :)

Day 3
Dancing House - Strahov Monastery - Loreta

This day was very rainy but before it started raining I took some photos on Charles Bridge at 7 a.m. because it's the only time (except weekends) when there are few people on the bridge. At another time it's almost impossible to take a photo like this:

Around the afternoon we went to see something not typical for the Prague's architecture- Dancing House. It's about 15 minutes walk turning left before the Charles Bridge. Maybe it's nothing very hmm..amazing but I think it's worthy to see a totally different modern type of architecture among typical Prague buildings and have a pleasant stroll along the river with picturesque views. 

On the way you can see such buildings:

After that we had dinner in Lehka Hlava- a very good vegeterian restaurant (more about food in Prague in the next post!:) And we went again to the Castle District in order to see the Strahov Monastery (CzechStrahovský klášter), which we didn't see the day before, and Loreta - which is a compound of sacred buildings. 

And that's all I saw being in Prague for 3 nights. We didn't visit Josefov- Prague's Jewish quarter - which is also one of highlights of Prague. But the next time I'll go there for sure :)

In the next post I'll write some recommendation about places in Prague where you can eat and drink cheaply and tasty :)

The photos taken by Nikon D5100 18-55mm VR Lens

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