SLOVAKIA, Ružomberok- how can you spend your time there ?

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 Ružomberok - the city of peace and cleanness

To be honest, Ružomberok has really surprised me. In a positive way.

What is characteristic about this town is its calm..

In Slovakia shops on Saturday  are CLOSED AROUND 11-12 O’CLOCK, so maybe it’s the main cause of its calm. On Sunday shops are closed completely. It has its pros and cons.  In the town there were few people on the street, bars and restaurants sometimes were completely empty.  Something ideal for people who love a peaceful atmosphere.

What I love about the Ružomberok is definitely charming colourful buildings and.. CLEANNESS
Yes, I was really surprised when I saw these clean colourful streets with beautiful flowers, benches and fontanes. Yeah, harmony and peace- that’s what distinguishes Ruzemberok’s streets.

This castle you can see in the suburbs.

And here the city center

As you can see on the photo the town isn't crowded.

The main attraction are aquaparks: Basenova and Tatralandia which are very close to Ružomberok (about these aquaparks I will write in the next post).

Another thing you should see when you are in Ružomberok is the Likava Castle.

The Castle with the exhibition of its history is situated above
a village Likavka, the neighbouring village next to Ružomberok.

Of course you should go there by foot and enjoy beautiful mountain views !

On the way to the Likava Castle... 

                                                                The Castle:

Another attraction is the Brankovsky waterfall.
Again we have an opportunity to have a nice trip by foot through the forest !

When you are in  Ružomberok you must go for a trip 
to Liptovský Mikuláš, which is a bigger city.

The city is also very clean, peacful and colourful, that's why I
suppose that all Slovak cities look like that:)

 Liptovský Mikuláš is situated at the beautiful lake, which is a perfect place for a hot afternoon ;)

That's not the all of attractions which are waiting for you there but it's everything what I could visit during wonderful seven days in Slovakia !

Hope you will experience it.

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