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If you are in Slovakia this must be on your BUCKET LIST.

These aquaparks undoubtebly bring tourists from Europe to this beautiful country.
You don’t have to can swim to have a hot bath in thermal springs, to have a water massage or just go to spa : ) These places cater for needs of all kind of tourists.
For those who associate “aquapark” only with a swimming pool or a water slide- it’s only a little part of that what Basenova and Tatralandia offer visitors.


Starting with Basenova- this aquapark is known for many thermal pools. This is amazing to have a bath in water which has 26-39 degrees. Such water has remedial features, too. 

You have a wonderful possibility to book a room in one of comfortable apartments surrounding the Thermal Park.

In swimming pools there is a mineral water which has a beneficial influence on human body. Mineral water contains calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium and many other minerals. This layout has a beneficial influence on our bodies, especially on respiratory system. It cures urological problems and has a good impact on our skin and... our psyche :) Beside water you can benefit from many other services which are provided by Thermal Park Besenova, for instance massages, beauty treatments or fitness program.

In Thermal Park Besenova there are 9 swimming pools outside and 3 swimming pools indoors and 7 SWIMMING POOLS ARE OPEN A WHOLE YEAR (nice to have a hot bath in winter!)


This is the biggest yearlong water complex on the area of Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republik, so you can imagine that even one day may be too short to experience all of the atractions. As Besenova Thermal Park it also has accomodations to stay. In my opinion Tatralandia is more entertainment-oriented and generally offers more fun than Besenova.

It also provides tourists with... better views:) Swimming pool + mountain view= perfect

Aquapark Tatralandia offers 14 pools (10 all-year-rounds) with salt water, thermal water and crystal clear water with a temperature up to 40°C. Children and adults can enjoy entertainment and relaxation in each season of the year. Due to its composition, the water in Tatralandia has healing effects on locomotive organs and respiratory system.

Tatralandia offers also something unusual.. Beside having hot baths, water massages and swimming you have an opportunity to do some sightseeing in the... Western town !

To sum up both Besenova and Tatralandia are worthy to visit. As I've said Tatralandia is in my opinion more entertainment-oriented and probably more adjusted for younger visitors. 

But undoubtebly wherever you go you won't regret it :) 

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