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Yes, it was on of the most incredible journey in my life.

CAPPADOCIA- located in the west part of Turkey.

We set off early in the morning (or maybe at night?) from our hotel and about afternoon we got there. 


See what I saw there...

"rocky city"- is like the dream, isn't it?? :)

In such city I can live.

 Here very famous "the eye of the prophet" :) It should bring happiness...

Does it remind you certain unique place? What about Grand Canion?

Yea jumping is the best way to convey your happiness that you are there:)

I thought that mushrooms grow in the forest, but....:)))

Now let's guess, what kind of animal is it?? :))

juuummpiing ;)

And here some video:


As you can see there is A LOT TO SEE.

Our trip, which we bought in polish travel agency opposite our hotel, lasted two days and we didn't see everything. Of course two days is not enough to soak up all of charm provided by these breathtaking  views.

The most characteristic for this plase are absolutely rocky cities and unique rocky formations such as "fairy chimneys". In the city Göreme (the town in Cappadocia) you can even stay at the hotel in this kind of rock :) One day I'll go to that kind of hotel:)

There are also many underground corridors to see, which were made by people many years ago:

Undoubtedly in Cappadocia you can feel like in a fairy-tale world. 


It's no wonder that one of the episodes of mega hit STAR WARS was shot there :)

When I look at these photos I promise myself that I'll come back to Turkey and this time I'll go directly to Cappadocia to discover further this unusual place.

Everybody must see this at least once in a lifetime !

Screen from the movie (of course shot by me !:))

The photos taken by Nikon D5100

Bye !

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