Sightseeing in Alanya- the CASTLE , ZAMEK

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Hello ;)

I decided to write a post in English, for a change;) I hope nowadays most of Poles know english enough to understand it. I hope..

So, what is worth to be seen in Alanya?

A castle is for sure a very unusual place with ist own history and amazing views.

We got there by a famous, turkish bus, about which I've already mentioned in former posts.

After about 20 minutes ride with nice and picturesque views, we got to the destination. A bit hot, as for sightseeing and walking up (the castle is on the ... I would say/... mountain;)) .. but you cannot lie on the beach every day !

The beginning of our trip, we're going to the bus stop. This is how the city looks like:

So, when we got to the destination, we were welcomed with such views:

And these were taken, when we were coming back, a market stall with carpets, hats and many others:

The certain woman was preparing a .. pankace? or a wrap?

 And this is the view to Cleopatra Beach, which you can see going down the hill (on which is a castle)

In the next post- our visit in dolphinarium !

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