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So, another worth-seeing place in Alanya is - "SEALANYA- SEA PARK & DOLPHIN PARK". Doesn't matter if you are a family with children or you are on romantic holiday as a couple- you will definietly have fun.
Unfortunately, I don't remember how much we paid for this. Of course you can find the price in the Internet, but we bought this trip in the polish travel agency, which was opposite our hotel (I noted that earlier ) This travel agency offers smaller prices, so probably we may have paid for this trip less. But you have to check this out.

There is also a possibility to swim with dolphins after the show. We didn't do this, it was too expensive. 

Before we get inside we have a possibility to take photos with... a parrot on our heads ;) Actually it looked like that: To photographers put on people's heads and arms beautiful and colourful parrots and they take photos. After the show you can see all pictures taken  before the show and you can buy yours if you like it. We bought it and we don't regret ;) Nice souvenir.

The show began. Firstly the cute seal was walking with the instructor among the audience, it was fantastic to see this animal so close. 
We saw also other seals, and dolphins. The whole performance was organised really well. During the show you can listen to modern, popular songs (Micheal Jackson for example;)) and the speaker commenting the show (in English of course).
Dolphins were cooperating with their trainers, "instructors". They were jumping, doing tricks and many others. I include some videos and photos for you:

Link to videos from the show (my youtube channel):

During the show instructors choose some people from the audience to go on the scene;) My sister and me were also chosen. We were dancing with instructors and could see dolphins closely. At the end of our "performance" we were splashed by dolphins ;) Here some photos :

That's all for today. In the next post will be something special- our amazing trip to CAPADOCIA !

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