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If you're in Alanya, you must go to the beach, obviously.

I've been to two beaches in Alanya, which I'd like to recommend. The nearest beach to the Seasight Hotel is big and broad. It streches along a promenade (perfect for evening walks) palms and hotels. The water in August - very warm ! We can swim there for long hours.. The water is clean but there are lots of rocks and stones on the sea floor, so we have to be careful. But the Cleopatra beach is a way better -  the sea floor is great for swimming - no rocks and stones on the shore, the water is more clear and blue (I'll write about it later).

The beach nearest to the Seasight Hotel:

And this is the guy selling donuts ;)

                                         And here my place on the beach .... just kidding; )

But when you're in Alanya make sure you visit Cleopatra Beach!

Cleopatra Beach

How to get there? There are many buses driving across Alanya. The bus stop is near to the Seasight Hotel just by the main road (next to the beach). Remember that you have to wave your hand to catch the bus! I must admit that Turkish drivers drive a bit fast and crazy ;) But I did not see any car accidents there. 

Just buy your ticket in the bus and tell the driver "cleopatra beach" - that should be enough.

Why is it worth to visit Cleopatra Beach?

  • The sand is very pleasant because it's gold and fine, thus you can dust yourself off easier and the beach itself looks better and cleaner.

  • A very clean water - mainly because of the sea floor made of this specific fine sand.

  • Breathtaking views - my favourite place jsut near t the big hill and rock (you'll see in pictures).

  • To the beach leads beautiful avenue lined by palms.

  • There is a possiblity to swim far away to the kind of "rocky island", what I did with my dad. It's not far away and the salt water pushes us up so it's quite safe as long as we can swim. This is an incredible experience and I recommend you to swim there to see the beach from a different perspective. I'll show you the photos presenting where we swam.

  • The sea floor good to swim, no sharp rocks and stones.

  • An opportunity to have a foot scrub for free thanks to special kind of fish in the sea;) But don't be afraid - only my dad was treated by this fish, me not.

Here some photos from Cleopatra beach:

The way to the beach:

And this is the "rocky island" I wrote about, and in the circle my dad and me! We swam there and not regret it! I encourage you to do the same,

And one more tip from me: A sun and the noise of waves can make us fall asleep, thus someone may want to rob you... Fortunately, in my case we woke up in the right moment.

The view on the way from the castle (I will write about it later)

The view from the castle (we can see the rock that we also can see from the Cleopatra Beach)

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Photos taken by Nikon D5100.

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And have you ever been to Alanya?

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